Dustin Kensrue on The Reformed Pubcast

I’m really bored with the whole beer scene, so I just rolled my eyes when I saw that there is something called The Reformed Pubcast. However, I did see that they had Dustin Kensrue on the show recently so I decided to check out that episode.

Aside from the boring beer talk at the beginning and the seemingly endless “Would you rather” game at the end, it was a pretty good show. Some things I enjoyed learning about:

  • Dustin wasn’t reformed until sometime in The Alchemy Index or possibly Beggars
  • Dustin pointed to Tim Keller helpful view on the Doctrines of Grace – it’s like a jawbreaker. The outer shell is so hard, but the inside is so sweet once you get through the tough stuff
  • From Dustin’s view, Thrice is an introverted band.

Go check it out if you’ve got 90 minutes or so to spare.


Music Monday: Dustin Kensrue – The Water & the Blood

Last week my favorite songwriter, Dustin Kensrue, came out with his first worship record, The Water & the Blood. I use the term “worship” that somewhat reluctantly, because worship music is such a loaded term. Dustin was the lead singer of Thrice, and while his songs in Thrice were definitely Christ-focused, they were never explicitly so[1]. If you want to hear some of Thrice’s worshipful stuff, I previously put together a collection of my favorite Thrice songs.

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