Bible Popover – Editorial Workflow

The physical Bible is so much better than the digital Bible in certain circumstances. Take this instance:

You’re sitting in church, taking notes on your iPad, and the pastor is preaching on 2 Corinthians 5, but all of a sudden he starts referring to a passage in Isaiah. What do you do? What I used to do would be to 4 finger swipe to the Bible app that I was using, then quick try and tap my way to the passage before he was done referencing it. Invariably, by the time he was done reading from that Isaiah passage, I would pull it up. By then he would already be on to making his next point and I’d have to swipe back Drafts or Editorial to get back to my notetaking. I was losing track of where the sermon was going and my notes would be missing some major points.

With that issue in mind, I created a little workflow I call Bible Popover using Editorial that allows me to pull up a quick-reference Bible passage in a popover, using the English Standard Version of course. I keep this workflow in my bookmarks bar for easy access.

I pull up get the passage into the popover in one of two ways:

  1. by selecting text before running the workflow and then pressing the “Get selection” button, or
  2. by running the workflow and then tapping the “Lookup Verse” button, which brings up an input box to look up a new passage.

The great part is that the text areas are persistent, meaning, if you tap away from the workflow, accidentally or on purpose, the same text will be there when you run the workflow again.

Editorial for iOS with Bible Passage Popover

The two other buttons are “clear” and “insert”:

  • “Clear” allows you to delete all the text areas,
  • “Insert” will take the passage in the popover and insert it at the end of the document in a block quote.

I hope this helps you pay better attention during the sermon and during your personal devotions. Reach out to me on Twitter or leave a comment with any questions or feature requests.


One thought on “Bible Popover – Editorial Workflow

  1. Nice Idea and Tool.
    Weile using on an iPhone i found some Constanze issues with the automatic sizing.
    If you are interested give me a short note.

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