I have quite a few different scripts and workflows that I’ve built or hacked together from other people’s workflows. This is my best effort to track them all in one spot.

App Integrations

  • BibleDraft (Drafts & Pythonista) This workflow uses Drafts and Pythonista to replace using a Bible app on iOS.
  • Launch Evernote Notes Directly on iOS (Drafts 4 & Launch Center Pro or Workflow). This is my adaptation of Jeffrey Kirshner’s Evernote Link workflow. It uses the new JavaScript actions in Drafts to create a Evernote URL to directly launch any Evernote note on iOS using Launch Center Pro. You can also open the notes directly from your home screen on iOS using Workflow.

Pythonista Scripts

My Editorial Workflows

Editorial Workflows for Bible Study

General Editorial Workflows

  • Visual Find and Replace. This workflow is exactly what it sounds like. Using the UI workflow in Editorial, it allows you to enter text or regex to find and replace. If text is selected, it will default to that. If not, it will run on the entire document. You can also preview the changes in a separate panel before applying them. This preview function was stolen from Ole Zorn’s Diff with Clipboard workflow that comes with Editorial.

My Favorite Editorial Workflows by Others