The Mrs. Has A New Blog

Allow me a moment of personal privilege. I have lots of things I’d like to write up for my blog, but don’t have enough time right now. In the meantime, my wife recently relaunched her blog about cheerful home design. While I had initially tried to get her to use WordPress, we moved her over from Blogger to Squarespace. In the end, it turned out to be a good platform for her to be able to design the site how she wanted.

There are two things that drive me absolutely batty about the platform, though.

  1. It is basically impossible to link to a post on your site without knowing the exact slug. You can pull up a list of pages, but not a list of posts.
  2. There is no common media gallery, every image lives within the specific post you are working on. So, if you need to reuse an image in another post or page, you need to upload it again.

Also, I don’t want to even guess what kind of JavaScript voodoo they have running there.