BibleDraft 1.0

Today I’m happy to finally put a project I’ve been working on for quite awhile on this site. The project is called BibleDraft and you can find its home on my new projects page.


The Background

Since the big thing in movies in the last 10 years has been origin stories, let’s start with the background[1] on this script. When I was a kid, I’d love to hack around on computers. We had internet when I was fairly young, probably about 1993 or 1994. One of my first experiences creating something, was actually just downloading someone’s Q-Basic program and modifying it. The Q-Basic program was something that would play tons of songs through the computer’s PC Speaker using MIDI. At the time, my brother was super in to politics and Rush Limbaugh. Since I wanted to be like my older brother, I got in to dissing Clinton, etc. One of the ways I did that was by taking this Q-Basic program and modifying the Coca-Cola Theme Song (the one that goes “do-do-do-do-do always Coca-Cola”) into the Taxa-Taxa Song. It was lame, but it made me feel so cool, because I could modify something for my purposes. And since then, that how I’ve always worked. I’m not good at starting something from scratch, but if I can see what other people have done, I can take it, adapt it, and riff off it[2]. Before this summer, that was the last real exposure I had to computer languages that I can think of.

So, what started off this summer as a little script project to start learning Python and better understand iOS automation has given birth to what I’ll consider my first semi-functioning Python action. I wouldn’t have been able to get started if it weren’t for some great sample Python code by Christian Wyglendowski on the website for the ESV Bible’s API. I’ve previously posted as the script was developing, and today I feel like, for me at least, this is a 1.0 situation. It’s a little weird to name your scripts, but I think that will help me better track what’s going on with it. Also, if you’re using the script then it can help you know if I’ve made an updates since you last installed it.

The script is my attempt at making Drafts and Pythonista into a replacement for the Bible apps out there. I wanted something that was automated, so I could more easily insert scripture into my sermon notes, look up multiple passages when I’m using iOS and don’t have Logos nearby, and be able share bible verses on Twitter more easily. This started off as a Workflow for Editorial which, once I realized it’s power, I wanted to adapt to Drafts and Pythonista.

Why Drafts? Because, as so many other people have written, Drafts just feels like the best vehicle to get text to and from your favorite destinations. It’s not designed to be your home for notes (there’s Evernote and plain-text files in Dropbox for that). It’s not designed to be your task list (there’s OmniFocus, Things, Reminders, Todoist, etc for that). I can’t believe how apt a name Drafts is for what Drafts does.

The Name

First of all, I gave the script: BibleDraft. When I started working on it this summer, I chose a descriptive but terrible name: quick ESV I had some great input from my brother-in-law on names, including the gem “Script-sure”–not sure why I passed on that one.

BibleDraft is simple and hopefully gets across the point that this is designed to get bible verses into, and back out of, Drafts. This script is held together at this point with the equivalent of duct tape and super glue. I have no delusions that this is the best-written script, but it is my first effort and I’m hoping that it will help you know the Word better and that the Gospel will spread more because of it.

Ready to start using the script? Go check out the project page for BibleDraft.

  1. Which is an amazing song, by the way. Probably my favorite Third Eye Blind song.  ↩
  2. I guess I’d make a great hip-hop artist.  ↩

10 thoughts on “BibleDraft 1.0

      • Love what your doing here!
        I downloaded the workflows and BibleDraft and its so very close to something I’ve been looking for for a long time!! For it to be perfect for my usage it needs to be offline:-/
        I’ve also been looking for an x-callback Bible as well. I’ve been asking Olive Tree Bible to add x-callback but they haven’t yet.
        Your work got me looking around github and there’s a full Bible in Python there. It’s fully functional in Pythonista. I’m working on turning it into a Editorial workflow. I’d love to collaborate (or at least hear some tips) since I’m a complete newbie in Python.

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