Workflow to Pythonista: New from Gist

While the rest of iOS-land is caught up in the Workflow frenzy, the past few days I’ve been spending my free time learning more about scripting in Python. One major project I’ve been working on is a large update to my Drafts & Pythonista workflow for getting Bible verses. Since I’m such a hack and Pythonista doesn’t have version control built-in, I’ve been uploading my work-in-progress files to GitHub as private gists so I can go back in case I royally screw things up. That’s caused me to be downloading a lot of gists lately.

Today I had a few free minutes so I decided to crack open Workflow and see what it could do. While perusing the actions in the app, I noticed it had two for Pythonista: Edit Script and Run Script. So I decided this was the perfect opportunity to build my first workflow. Ole Zorn, the creator of Pythonista and Editorial for iOS, created a New from Gist script to import Gists from GitHub. I have the script as a quick entry in Pythonista’s action menu:

It didn’t take long to put the action together, but I had a few issues getting Workflows to actually run the script from the Run Script action. So I went back to the trusty URL scheme and now it works fine. To be fair, I did get the Run Script action to work properly once, but then I made a few tweaks and couldn’t get it to work again. But now, I have the workflow working just how I’d like. So if you’re nerdy like I am check out my New From Gist workflow for Workflow and Pythonista.

New from Gist  - Workflow to Pythonista


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