My Grandma’s 100th Birthday

My grandma was born 100 years ago today. Unbelievable. She left this world in 1998 but my parents, as well as my aunts and uncles, have done a great job preserving her legacy. Here is a little note my aunt sent out this morning:

One hundred years ago today Mom was born. Sometimes I wish I could share something with her. There is so much in my life for which I could thank her.

I like to remember her creativity, her skilled hands, her devotion to her children, her ability to teach us to work and what a hard worker she was. She loved beauty and music and pleasing people with her cooking. She could make a piece of meat tender and tasty. She could turn an old house and horrible kitchen cupboards into a welcoming home. How often did we hear “it’s a reasonable facsimile” as she made something for us.

To my younger siblings I should apologize because Don and I probably benefited most from the vigor of her youth. She stenciled T-shirts for all of Don’s softball team. She sang in church and around the house. She dressed dolls for me. She gardened and canned and froze vegetables, not to forget the chickens and the rabbits and other animals.

You younger ones home was like a 3-ring circus with the garden, the food preservation plus a garbage business being run out of the kitchen with drivers there morning and night, Don’s musician friends, my high school friends and parties, plus your sports and activities and Mom at times was just plain worn out.

But again, cherish the good times, the popcorn and Pepsi, and devotion of our parents (in their own way). Remembering Patty’s poem: “We shared lots of secrets, the same Mom and Dad. We shared lots of good times, don’t think of the bad. Our memories we’ll cherish with love without end. I’m glad you’re my sister/brother. I’m glad you’re my friend.”

Happy Birthday, Grandma!


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