Music Monday – Weaver At The Loom’s Before Now, Was Then

For years, my friend Beth has been telling me to check out Weaver At The Loom. Thinking back on it, she has been telling me this since before my wife and I were married, so it has been going on 7 years that I’ve ignored her earnest pleas. I had tried to get into their first album, I Was Searching And I Was Found, but I never found it compelling.

So I don’t remember what triggered me investigating their newer album[1], Before Now, Was Then, but I sure am glad that I did. There is so much to like about this album, from the etherial keys to the major gaps in percussion on some songs, it’s refreshing to hear. There’s a lot in this album that reminds me of TJ Hill’s Tortilla Factory which I wrote about here.

But what’s deeply drawn me into this album are the lyrical themes. Here are two of my favorites:

  • We are to live life to it’s fullest
  • That we are aliens on this earth

I Feel Good, (Great, Wonderful)

One of my favorite books is Death by Living by N.D. Wilson. As I’m rereading this book, I’m continually reminded of how God has not called us to live in safety, but to pour ourselves out (Phil 2:17) for His sake. I love to life my life safely. I’m not crazy about a bohemian lifestyle or going with the flow. I love to plan. I love the safety that comes with planning. And yet, I feel more and more like I want to throw away all my plans for my life and just life a life obedient to Christ and where he calls me. My aforementioned friend Beth’s sister Beki used to have a quote in her AIM profile (remember those?). At the time I just chalked it up to being a very “Beki” quote. Now, as I’ve delved deeper into parenthood and realizing more and more how everything is by grace alone, it has come back into my mind:

“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” – William G.T. Shedd

Lord, help me sail out of the harbor. So as i’ve been listening to this Weaver album, the song I Feel Good, (Great, Wonderful) has stood out to me because of this line. Make it so, Lord!

But life is meant to be consumed

Not preserved to ward off doom.

Oh one can surely die from fear,

Before the end is ever near.

Dozens of Us (Dozens!)

This song starts with a guitar part that reminds me of something. I can’t remember what, but it’s hauntingly good. The guitar tone is just perfect. And then the lyrics come in. Again, Dan Smith nails it on the head:

But if you talk like they do

You’ll be ok

And if you walk like they do,

There will be no shame.

Oh man I’m living in Rome,

And it does not feel like home.

Don’t wanna do as the Romans do.

The more time I spend trying to pour my life out, the more I feel disconnected from this world. It doesn’t feel like home. It isn’t home. It is merely a shadow. A beautiful shadow, but a shadow nonetheless. Pair this with Underoath’s Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape and you will find yourself on the floor yearing to be united with Christ. Until then, we wait patiently for His return.

Liked the two songs? Go buy the entire album like I did and support a struggling musician.

  1. To call it an album is rather generous, since it is only eight songs long.  ↩

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