Mr. Reader and Markdown Links

Tonight we were out at MyBurger with some folks from small group. I was talking to a friend who is in law school. We were discussing how technology can help his future law practice, and he asked me if I knew of an app that you could create your own wiki to track what is currently known about a case or a particular issue. He said he wanted to use his Feedly RSS feeds to save a section of an article, jot a few notes, and then save it somewhere for later recall. I told him I had an idea using Mr. Reader, Drafts, and Evernote.

Well I got home and finally purchased Mr. Reader to see what it can do. It’s actually really cool. My favorite feature is that it uses curly brackets to accept any text or data from the post and then automatically encodes it for you. That’s such a help for URL scheme beginners like me. I quickly ran into a problem, though. When I’d try to make the title of an article a markdown link while sending to Drafts, I would end up with an error. Because Mr. Reader uses square brackets like [TITLE] to pull metadata out of the post, it was getting totally confused when it'd see a normal markdown link formatted [[TITLE]]([URL]). I searched and searched around on,, and did a few google searches to figure out what to do but my searches didn't yield and helpful results.

Finally I thought of the old-school method: check the developers site. Sure enough, the developer had already addressed that issue on the site. The solution is really quite simple, and you can find more on the developer's site.

Tip: Markdown formatted links for Day One, Byword, etc.

It's a little bit tricky to create markdown links, because they also use the square brackets [ and ].

Markdown link format: link text

The markdown brackets must be entered URL encoded as %5B for the '_[_' and %5D for the '_]_'. And they must be used outside my curly brackets {…}

Instead of

dayone://post?entry={blablabla “[TITLE]”}

you must use

dayone://post?entry={blablabla }%5B{“[TITLE]”}%5D{([URL])}


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