Flickr Auto-Uploading

Auto Upload for iOS 7

Up until now, you’ve had to upload photos from your iPhone manually. That can be a really painful and time-consuming process. We’re introducing Auto Upload for iOS 7 users to automatically save your photos to Flickr, securely and privately, until you’re ready to to edit and share them. With Auto Upload, you can always find your smartphone photos wherever you want – within the Flickr app and on

I’ve tried lots of different options for background uploading photos, but this is by far the best out there. Flickr gives you 1TB (yes, terabyte), of space, which is enough for some 600,000 photos.

I tried it tonight and the uploading was seamless, quick, and didn’t give me any needless prompts.

I’d previously been uploading everything to dropbox, but that was blowing up my dropbox storage way too quickly and then I’d have to manually remove the photos from there and drop them in to some other non-dropbox folder, iPhoto, or sometimes Aperture. So excited about this!

via Introducing Auto Upload and Auto-straightening for Flickr on iOS « Flickr Blog.


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