Music Monday: I’m on Fire – Kate Tucker

EDIT: Apparently this song is well, um…not appropriate. Please disregard the recommendation.

I was working from Starbucks the other morning. I get easily distracted while working in places with people, so I always have earbuds in to help me stay focused. For some reason, I had my earbuds out and I heard this hauntingly beautiful song over the speakers. I pulled out Soundhound to get the song title and artist and then emailed that info from Soundhound into my OmniFocus inbox using their maildrop service.

Upon returning to the office and seeing the song info in my inbox, I quickly plugged the artist and title into Spotify, only to come up with no results. When I typed in just the song title, however, I did come up with some results they just weren’t what I was expecting: Bruce Springsteen. Yes. It seems the song I had been enjoying so much was a Bruce Springsteen cover. While I couldn’t find it on Spotify, eventually I did find a video of it on YouTube (below) and then I found the song on iTunes. It’s called I’m on Fire and it’s covered by Kate Tucker on the Sweetheart compilation.

I played the song one night this past for my wife and she thought it was terrible, so maybe I have bad taste – but there’s something about this song I really enjoy.


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