Music Monday: Butch Walker – Peachtree Battle

“I never got to die in Vegas…”

I have been a fan of Butch Walker’s since about 1998 when he was the frontman of Marvelous 3. One day, I’ll write more about how it all started, but that is a post for a day in which I have much time to write.

Butch has a new five song EP out called Peachtree Battle. It’s a little weird that he is only releasing an EP, as he is due for a full album[1]. One of the best (or worst, depending on who you ask) things about Butch is that every album has a signature Butch Walker sound, but one that sounds quite different from the last album.

Peachtree Battle is Butch’s latest maturation as an artist. Many of the songs seem to be reflecting on the impending end of his dad’s life. To me, this record feels like his most personal since 2004’s Letters[2]. Coming Home is my personal favorite on the EP, it is both very singable and tugs at every warm-blooded person’s heartstrings.

I’ve included two different ways to check out the album, iTunes and Spotify. I’m doing this because while I like Spotify, I realize that it really doesn’t pay much to the artists who create music and depend on album sales to help pay the bills. I’ll probably write more about this in the future, but here’s how I’m using Spotify these days. When an artist I like puts out new music, I go and check it out on Spotify first. If I can make it through the album a few times and think I’ll want to keep listening to it, I then go purchase it from iTunes. I’m also of the old-school mindset that I’d like to “own” my music rather than renting it from Spotify, Rdio, or someone else[3]. So if you like what you hear, please, go buy the album from iTunes or Amazon or wherever you buy music. But if you’re new to Butch, check out the EP through Spotify first.

Buy Peachtree Battle by Butch Walker from iTunes.

  1. One of the many benefits of being a Butch fan is that he’s usually putting a full album out every 2–2.5 years. It’s not quite as good as being a Prince fan (I have seriously considered trying to become a Prince fan in the past, because of the sheer volume of his work)), but it’s really awesome to have a great artist putting out so much music. His last full album came out in August 2011, and was technically self-titled, although everyone refers to it as The Spade.  ↩
  2. This was the album that really reintroduced me to Butch after Marvelous 3 disbanded.  ↩
  3. Yes, I know that the files are wrapped in DRM and that generally only Apple devices play the MP4 files that come from iTunes. I don’t care about that.  ↩

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