Music Monday: Sunday Worship

Let me start off by saying that this is one Music Monday post that will probably not translate very well.

Unlike most of the people at my church, I’m not generally a huge fan of the worship styles our worship leaders choose. The songs are always solid, theologically, but often the styles just don’t sit where I’d prefer them to sit. That’s fine, I get my [musical worship in at other times]. Let it be known , though, that I just do not particularly love corporate worship like I should. This is one of my biggest areas of sin that I am continually fighting.

However, last week at church, the worship was just wonderful. Maybe it was God moving and transforming my heart, maybe it was that it was the middle of a long weekend and I felt less distracted, maybe it was the Mt. Dew Kickstart I had that morning before church, but something was just on about worship then. The tempos felt right[1], the music wasn’t too loud as to overpower the peoples’ voices in the sanctuary, and there weren’t so many songs that your feet start to ache from standing for a long time.

So, I took the song list and made it in to a playlist. Hopefully the content of the songs will surpass the quality of the recordings.

  1. I’ve never understood why so many churches play “When I Think About The Lord” so slowly. It’s hard to believe that He really makes you want to shout at 75 bpm.  ↩

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