why I don’t do well with baseball

The Wall Street Journal did a service to society with a recent analysis: how much time during a baseball game is actually spent “in play”?

According to the Journal’s observation approximately 18 minutes. The shocking thing to me is that baseball actually has about seven more minutes of gameplay than a football game.

I’ll be honest, I am extremely prejudiced against baseball. That mid–90s strike really left a sour taste in my young mouth. That and the fact that I get distracted quite easily.

One gem from the article:

The longest pure-action play was a Bryce Harper triple that took 15 seconds. It is no wonder the triple is known as baseball’s most exciting play (15 uninterrupted seconds of nonstop excitement!).

The Journal, to be fair, included a rebuttal defending the leisurely pace of a baseball game. Didn’t convince me, but I’m also a guy who gets a little sad every time I think about the Boundary Waters: all that land that will never be developed.


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