Sounds of the Seventies Revisited

Back in high school, I used to actually watch TV. Most of the times were it was while I was hanging out with my friends. We were usually swimming in my buddy’s pool, hitting up White Castle, or maybe even going to get some custard out at Adele’s, and then would head back to the aforementioned home to watch Conan or maybe some great movie.

During late night TV there we always commercials for these Time-Life cd sets called Sounds of the Seventies. I don’t know if it was purely because we were a bunch of high school dudes and we turned basically everything into a meme, or maybe because the songs were just cut so well together. For whatever reason, me and my friends used to have this commercial memorized and would often sing it together.

This morning, on the way to church, I saw some major skid marks on 35-W. For some, that reminded me of a song called Skidmark I had recorded for a buddy back in high school. There is such a weird intersection between memories. How do things we haven’t thought of in 10 years suddenly come back to us?

At any rate, I decided to hope on Spotify tonight and put together a playlist based on the songs that were in that Sounds of the Seventies commercial. Enjoy.


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